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  1. Relationship-xlarge

    Rid myself of all negative people and .. + 10
    I think everyone should make sure they do this. It's difficult to ge.. | 6 years ago

  1. Self-growth-xlarge

    Learn how to drive + 5
    I just took a load of lessons, then practised whenever I could. Prac.. | 6 years ago

  2. Self-growth-xlarge

    Delete my Facebook account. + 5
    This website talks you through it: It's .. | 6 years ago

  3. Self-growth-xlarge

    Move into my own apartment + 15
    Saving up to pay the deposit was the hardest part, but it was so wor.. | 6 years ago

  4. Career-xlarge

    Get first job + 5
    My very first job was in a school bookshop. It was tiny; there was b.. | 6 years ago

  5. Travel-to-china-xlarge

    Travel to China + 20
    I went on a school tour here for a week. We saw a lot of Beijing, th.. | 6 years ago

  6. Ride-on-train-xlarge

    Travel by Train + 5
    I've been around a lot of England via train. It wasn't until years l.. | 6 years ago

  7. Self-growth-xlarge

    Start a Blog + 5
    I made this blog here! It's fun blo.. | 6 years ago

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"People don't take trips, trips take people." — John Steinbeck