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    See a wild coyote + 1
    I hear them much more often than I see them and rarely in the middle.. | 6 months ago

  1. 1

    Visit The Acropolis of Athens, Greece + 1
    you wonder how they built it all | 6 months ago

  2. 1

    Stretch my earlobe + 1
    Took my time going 20g to 0g | 6 months ago

  3. 1

    Increase in wages + 5
    Mo' money, mo' problems? Sure hope not! | 6 months ago

  4. 1

    Change line of work + 5
    Went back to focus on what I'm good at and like doing. | 6 months ago

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"Don't let inspirational quotes you saw on Facebook makes you feel good about yourself. You have to go f*cking do it and make it great!" — Pete Rojwongsuriya