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  1. 18

    Drive to the top of the highest road i.. + 1
    Best roller coaster ever! But seriously, this was a long and winding.. | 1 month ago

  1. 12

    Summit Mount Evans in Colorado. + 1
    Because I had my kids with me, I didn't get to hike from the bottom .. | 1 month ago

  2. 11

    Visit the Rocky Mountains + 20
    Being a "flatlander," the Rocky Mountains inspire awe! I love the cu.. | 1 month ago

  3. 12

    Visit the Rio Grande Gorge. + 1
    We took the scenic route from Santa Fe to Denver and had the amazing.. | 1 month ago

  4. 16

    Visit Bandelier National Monument in N.. + 1
    We had to stop in Los Alamos to board the shuttle to get to Bandelie.. | 1 month ago

  5. 6

    Watch the planes take off at the Air F.. + 1
    We had to wait quite a while before we actually got to see one take .. | 1 month ago

  6. 9

    Visit Rainbow Falls at Manitou Springs.. + 1
    This pretty little waterfall was a little tricky to find and parkin.. | 1 month ago

  7. 11

    Garden of the Gods, CO Springs, CO + 1
    This place is so amazing! The contrast of the red rocks and blue sky.. | 1 month ago

  8. 6

    See a Lavender Farm + 5
    The lavender farm I visited is still fairly young so the field wasn'.. | 2 months ago

  9. 3

    Run a 10K + 1
    I wasn't too sure if I was ready for this, but decided to give it a .. | 3 months ago

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