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  1. 1

    Travel to Prague, Czech Republic + 15
    We went to celebrate the New Year and we had a great time. | 3 years ago

  1. 2

    Attend A Concert At Royal Albert Hall + 1
    We saw the ballet Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Albert Hall. It was .. | 5 years ago

  2. 3

    Visit the Roman Baths, England + 10
    I traveled to Bath by bus from London. It was a charming town with a.. | 5 years ago

  3. 5

    Travel to Bath, England + 15
    I traveled to Bath by bus from London. It was a charming town with a.. | 5 years ago

  4. 1

    Visit Stonehenge, UK + 15
    We had a nice ride by bus from London, and saw the beautiful country.. | 5 years ago

  5. 4

    Have afternoon tea at the Ritz in London + 1
    Had a lovely afternoon tea at the Ritz in London. Such a wonderful h.. | 5 years ago

  6. 4

    Go to the Royal Opera House + 1
    We saw Giselle at the Royal Opera house. Marianela Nunes was in the .. | 5 years ago

  7. 3

    Go to sushi samba + 1
    Such a nice restaurant with excellent food. The view and atmosphere .. | 5 years ago

  8. 3

    Travel to the Eiffel Tower, France + 20
    We were smart enough to book at table at one of the restaurants in t.. | 5 years ago

  9. 2

    Boire un chocolat chaud chez Angelina .. + 1
    We drank varm chocolate and had a nice lunch at Angelina in Paris. I.. | 5 years ago

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