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  1. Lose-weight-xlarge

    Lose weight + 10
    I lost nearly 10kg so I guess that counts as achieved ;) | 4 years ago

  1. Self-growth-xlarge

    Learn to speak another language + 20
    Mother tongue is German, second language is English | 4 years ago

  2. Travel-xlarge

    Visit the Sistine Chapel + 5
    Visited Florence and Rome about 10 years back - the Chapel is defini.. | 4 years ago

  3. Climb-mountain-xlarge

    Climb a mountain + 10
    Climbed some of the (lower) peaks in the Alps some 10 years back | 4 years ago

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"Don't let inspirational quotes you saw on Facebook makes you feel good about yourself. You have to go f*cking do it and make it great!" — Pete Rojwongsuriya