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  1. Ride-horse-xlarge

    Ride a horse + 5
    I've actually "ridden" a horse on 3 or 4 occasions if you mean sit o.. | 5 years ago

  1. Travel-to-europe-xlarge

    Travel to Europe + 25
    We attended a friend's wedding at a lovely castle outside of Berlin .. | 10 years ago

  2. Go-to-concert-xlarge

    Go to a concert + 5
    As kids we were never allowed to go to concerts. It "was too dangero.. | 17 years ago

  3. Bdegree-xlarge

    Get my Bachelor's degree + 10
    College wasn't something my parents ever pushed on us, or really eve.. | 19 years ago

  4. Fly-on-airplane-xlarge

    Fly in an airplane + 5
    My mother has never been on a plane in her life. From an early age s.. | 28 years ago

  5. Self-growth-xlarge

    Graduate high school + 5
    It's just what we "had to do" in our house or my parents would have .. | 28 years ago

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