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  1. 18

    Travel to Stockholm, Sweden + 15
    Since this was just a brief trip in Scandinavia, I decided to take a.. | 1 year ago

  1. 1

    Pursue my passion and turn it into a c.. + 15
    It began around September 2010 after the failure of my first busines.. | 9 years ago

  2. Self-growth-xlarge

    Learn English to be fluent + 10
    Although I might not be as fluent as people who actually communicate.. | 9 years ago

  3. Self-growth-xlarge

    Resign from a job you don’t like + 5
    After Wasting 3 years of life working as a web developer doing the s.. | 9 years ago

  4. Financial-indie-xlarge

    Achieve financial independence + 10
    Some tips on how I was able to do this: Find your passion as soon a.. | 9 years ago

  5. 2

    Start my own business + 20 was born out of frustration and boredom. I'm an An.. | 9 years ago

  6. 1

    Create My Art Portfolio + 15
    Decided to take a plunge and start my personal website, The Peach De.. | 10 years ago

  7. 1

    Get a B.S. on Computer Science + 10
    Photo courtesy of David Michael MorrisWhen I first chose Computer Sc.. | 11 years ago

  8. 1

    Have a lucid dream + 5
    Photo by Nagesh Kamath from FlickrAfter several weeks of trying to h.. | 13 years ago

  9. 1

    Learn PHP + 10
    It's great to start off your programming with PHP since there are bi.. | 13 years ago

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"Don't let inspirational quotes you saw on Facebook makes you feel good about yourself. You have to go f*cking do it and make it great!" — Pete Rojwongsuriya