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BucketListly is a place where travelers and storytellers come and share their life experiences, socialize and find inspiration to do great things in life. The goal of BucketListly is to be the platform for everyone to teach and learn from each other about life.

Since we are set out to become the ultimate bucket list community and with all communities, there must be some rules imposed to protect our users and maintain the level of high quality content, we have to ask you to keep these rules in mind when sharing on BucketListly.

What NOT to do

Don't spam!

Don't spam us with unrelated content. The system will remove your content right away and your account will be deleted instantly.

Don't lie!

Don't lie that you've unlocked goals where in fact you did not. There's no used in lieing. On the other hand, if you help others out with their goals, you will gain more recognition than outright lying.

Don't create duplicate goals

Don't create already existing goals on BucketListly. Search using our searchbox at the top to find goals you want to add first.

Don't create easy and generic goals

Don't create goals that takes absolutely zero effort to do or goals that are not worth a space on your bucket list.

Don't upload low quality photos

Please avoid uploading low quality photos, photos that you can't make out what's in the photos or pixelated photos. Your photos maybe removed from the feed to keep our content clean.

Don't be rude.

We are a community about giving. Please love each other and help each other out as best as you can.