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    Be a tour gide in Utrecht for someone .. + 1
    I loved showing someone the beauty of Utrecht and liked seeing it a .. | 3 months ago

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    Take a ride in a hot air balloon + 20
    We saw Giraffes underneath us! | 6 months ago

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    Climb a mountain + 10
    Yes, there was snow in South Africa. These mountains are located clo.. | 6 months ago

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    Learn to play the jambé in Africa + 1
    It was so much fun! We played a song in a group while improvising ry.. | 6 months ago

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    go on safari in South Africa + 1
    Addo Elephant Park & Mountain Zebra National Park | 6 months ago

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    Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy + 10
    Gondola ride in Venice! Very short, very expensive, but it looked so.. | 1 year ago

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