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Pete R.

Pete R. 3 years ago

Prepare to have the busiest 2 years of your life. These are how I was able to get a master degree (in International Business) while working full time as a designer in a startup.

My schedule went like this:
Full time job: Monday to Friday (9 - 5 PM)
Study: Thursday and Friday (evenings from 6 - 9 PM) and Saturday and Sunday (9 - 4 PM)

1. Wake up early even on holidays
What I realized early is that you no longer have time for yourself. For me it was whether working at the office or study at schools, so when there happened to be a public holiday, I always tried to utilized those free time very carefully. If you don't want to be stressed out by the schedule, you should wake up early and enjoy your holidays as much as possible. This will help you stay sane and allows you to manage your time better.
2. Utilize Technology to your advantage
When you are studying, there will be a lot of group projects and with every members having their own busy schedules, it is always hard to work together. What I did was I used email as the main way of communication. This is more efficient because when you meet face to face after a long day of work in a not so comfortable place, people gets very unproductive and tend to procrastinate. But when you are at home, everyone is guaranteed to be equipped with a computer and an Internet connection which allows them to put more onto the table in terms of brainstorming.

It also allows flexibility if one member wasn't available, all of the conversation will be stored in their inbox and they can read it whenever they are free.

3. Leave your work at 5 PM straight.
Your time is valuable especially during this 2 years of pursuing your master degree. Come and start working in the office at 9 AM, and leave at 5 PM straight (or depending on your regular schedule). With this schedule I was able to gain 7 more hours of life by being back home at 6 PM everyday, and between 6 PM to 12 AM, you can crank out all the work that needs to be done before your next class.

Again, with the first suggestion, this will make each day seems a little longer and more productive.

4. Don't limit your self to study and work
If you are like me, I can't live without a few days each month going out and enjoy a good food/drinks.

The good thing about studying is that there will be other people who feels the same way as you. Be friend with them and go out after class, loosen up and enjoy life. During the first few weeks you may feel tired after each class especially on the weekday evenings. That's normal. You'll get used to it and after that you'll be eager to go out. :)

5. Pick a major of your next career
I chose International Business because I wanted to create my own tech startup dealing with international customers. The result of this study for me? I was able to create my first startup, during that period, negotiated multiple deals with other startups, and finish my business plan.
 Pick the major that you can use the result to do something meaningful to you, not just to decorate your resume.
I am a (single) mom with 4 kids. I find that I HAVE to plan to do as much of my school work AT school as possible. If I think I'll get reading done or write a paper at home there always seems to be some distraction. This technique has been working so far, I even made Dean's List last spring.
Tim Waters

Tim Waters 2 years ago

Sounds like my schedule of the past two years. I graduated last thursday (Master of Sceince in Business Administration ) I worked 40 hours a week and had to attend college / read scientific articles and do assignments (20/30 hours a week). I think i will have a lot of time to spare the upcoming months (until i find something new to do) :)

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